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We started in the retail food business almost 25 years ago, and we have gone through many, many aprons.  As an apron user we have learned over the years what makes a great apron, and what does not.  Whenever I needed new aprons I would try my local restaurant supplier, only to get a case of sticker shock $$$$.  If I tried to buy aprons from the internet I would have to buy 36, 48, 60 or more, just to get a fair price. When I wanted the aprons imprinted, they would charge set up fees, minimum order sizes, additional money to change imprint colors.  Even worse was buying the low quality, tiny aprons the imprinter provided.  I even got laughed at if I wanted a different employee names on each apron. 

After dealing with this for years, we started Apron Outfitters, a premier apron supplier.  I scoured the globe to find the best aprons at the very best prices.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out the best aprons are still made in America. Now we buy materials in very large quantities and pass the savings off to you.  Yes, you can still get the best deals on the larger orders but our base prices are largely discounted.  Our embroidery and imprinting is done in house so we can control the quality .  
We still do our product testing in the real world, over the grill, covered in grease, soap, cleaners, or whatever we are using that day.  We launder them as you would,  and see how well they perform.  If they don't hold up for us we won't sell them period!

We love the fact that true Americans are working here in the U.S.A producing the fabric and making the very best aprons in the world! 
I know your busy, but if you have the time we would love to hear how well our aprons are promoting and protecting you and your company.
Thanks for your business,

P.S.  At this time I would like to thank my family, friends, employees, suppliers and my web designer for all the support and hard work over the years.   Thanks to you all!!!

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