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"Apron Idea of the Week" launch

Posted by Sarah on 3/31/2011 to Updates
Welcome back! Here is the much anticipated and very talked about launch of our first "Apron Idea of the Week"! Everyone here at Apron Outfitters has been very busy collecting ideas and sorting through our customers' most recent and creative orders. Thank you everyone for your submissions!!! So, here are some ideas for spring and the opening of the gardening season. We hope you will find something that interests you or sparks an original creative idea that we can help you cultivate! Happy spring!!! *"Classy Gardener"...check out DS9305. This is our scoop neck tuxedo apron with 3 pockets for your gardening tools. It also features an adjustable neck. This selection is great in pink with one line of embroidery such as "Grammy's Garden". *"Modern Gardener"...check out DS9200XX. This is our BRAND NEW three pocket criss cross apron that ties around the waist. This is a FAVORITE here at Apron Outfitters. It looks AMAZING in Khaki and embroidered with "Tomorrow's growth is in today's seeds." *"Basic Gardener"...check out DS9105. This is our short 2 pocket waist apron. We like it in a fresh spring color like Kelly Green. It is perfect for "Cares melt when you kneel in the garden" embroidery. *"Simple Gardener"...check out DS9140. This is our long two pocket waist apron. Purple is a great color for this apron. Add "All things grow with love" embroidery and this apron really stands out. *"Classic Gardener"...check out AO140D. This is our most popular apron for gardening currently. It is a denim three pocket bib apron. Embroider your own saying or personalize it with your name! We really like this one embroidered in yellow with the saying "In the seeds of change grow endless possibilities." *"Sophisticated Gardener"...check out DS9106. This is our six pocket waist apron. This looks great in a spring color like turquoise and holds everything an experienced gardener needs to have at their fingertips.
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