Sorry it has been a while since blogging last. Summer is FLYING by! We have been so busy and between staff vacations and money apron AO100FT flying off of the shelf we have barely had time to breathe. That said, who is ready for school to start again? And, who is ready for our "Apron Idea of the Week" to begin again? Well, both are right around the corner! But, for now, please keep us in mind for your FUNDRAISING EVENTS! Yep, aprons are an EXCELLENT fundraiser! You can either get them customized with your school, business, university, non-profit or other logo, OR talk with us about just using our FABULOUSLY colored and VARIOUS types of aprons. We would LOVE to work with your organization and help YOU work towards a fundraising goal. Just give us a call! As for school and our "Apron Idea of the Week", both will be starting again VERY SOON

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Phone Number: 877-29-APRON or 877-292-7766
Email Address: [email protected]