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Size Charts

- Uniform Vest Size Chart
- Cobbler Apron Size Chart
- Chef Coat Size Chart
- Bib Apron Size Chart.
- Bistro Apron Size Chart
- Tuxedo Apron Size Chart
Sizing charts for all of our American made bib aprons, cobbler aprons, uniform vests, chef coats, tuxedo aprons and bistro aprons.

Adult Sizes
Bib Aprons stocked in 8 sizes and 28 styles.
Uniform vest sizes from small - 5X-large.  Cobbler aprons in sizes small-2X-large. 
Chef coats in sizes X-small - 3X-large. 

Child's sizes
Aprons stocked in 2 sizes and 2 styles .
Uniform vests in sizes small - large.  Cobbler aprons in regular and x-large. 

Chef coats in sizes small, medium and large. 

Our high quality aprons, vests and chef coats are all American made. 
Please keep in mind that our garments are to be worn over your existing clothing.
When ordering vests a larger size may be needed.  We strongly encourage ordering a sample prior to placing large orders.