Of course the Pilgrims wore aprons, they were wearing them on the first Thanksgiving celebrated near Plymouth rock. Even the Native Americans wore deerskin aprons to protect themselves. These are some of the first aprons made in America. During that first big dinner they all sat down and gave thanks. Thanks for the food harvest, survival and freedom just to name a few. At this time of year I have plenty of things to be thankful for. Here are a few related to the business side of life. Thankful for some of the best friends/employees in the world. Thankful for the best customers/friends in the world. Thankful I can still offer an American made product which we know is the best in the world. Thankful I wake up every morning in a country where freedlom still exists. So do me a favor on this Thanksgiving, say "thank you" to someone who you should say it to more often. THANK YOU!!!!

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